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GoodzVill™ Digital Guitar Trainer

GoodzVill™ Digital Guitar Trainer

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“Nice tool for beginners to learn cords and finger placement as well as helping to build up calluses on fingertips. It takes a little while to learn how to set up manual cord arrangements, make sure to read the instructions. This is great for practicing/ training when you don't have your guitar with you. worth buying and will help me learn as a complete beginner.”

Brian S.- Verified Customer

Digital Guitar Trainer

Aims to allow you to practice chords and fingering anytime and anywhere.

The Digital Guitar Trainer has a built-in rotatable screen, which helps you practice guitar chords more conveniently. 

Smart Guitar Chords Training Tool 

6 String 6 Fret allows you to practice more versatile scales and note combinations; design a rotatable screen that could display the most basic, common chords featuring precise finger positions, as we put over 400 kinds of chords inside the IC. Great for guitar beginners/ students to develop muscle memory for chords and is a perfect tool for finger placement exercises.

Genuine Strings

Equipped with genuine steel strings. Steel strings are plated to prevent rust. Practicing chords via the genuine guitar steel strings gives the same feel while playing guitar. The tension of the strings can be adjusted with the tool included in the package to suit you.

No Guitar-Playing Sound

This chords trainer has no guitar sound while playing, as it aims to improve finger sensitivity without environmental restrictions. No sound, Allows you to practice anywhere: cars, airplanes, the office, school, dinner table.

Lightweight & Pocket Size 

Could be put in a pocket or bag, You can take this chord to practice it wherever you want, it is not as bulky as a guitar

Built-in Metronome

With a built-in metronome, players can learn the chords with a customized tempo. It's a quiet practice tool without guitar playing sound, so you can't tune or strum it like a real guitar. 


Designed to mimic a real guitar

Chord assistant screen

Genuine steel strings

Metronome inside the device so players can learn the chords with a customized tempo


1 x Digital Guitar Trainer


Size Closed Approx:28cm/ 11in

Size Open Approx: 48cm/19in

Material: Plastic

Weight: 250g

Note: Real with SOLO letters

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